Flights From Miyako Airport, Miyako

NU Japan Transocean Air

Flight from Miyako(MMY) to Tokyo(TYO)

Destination :TYO

Airline : Japan Transocean Air

NU Japan Transocean Air

Flight from Miyako(MMY) to Fukuoka(FUK)

Destination :FUK

Airline : Japan Transocean Air

EH ANA Wings

Flight from Miyako(MMY) to Sendai(SDJ)

Destination :SDJ

Airline : ANA Wings

NH All Nippon Airways

Flight from Miyako(MMY) to Santiago(SCL)

Destination :SCL

Airline : All Nippon Airways


Miyako City Information


Miyako Weather Information

Nanabari, JP

weather conditions
scattered clouds

24.8 ° C/76.6 ° F

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